Our Process, our services:


Understanding the needs & planning ahead

This means doing a preliminary market analysis and some feasibility studies to get closer to what the users need.

We defined the target audience and evaluate overall project requirements, then start planning and budgeting, crafting strategies and creating detailed design briefs.

We anticipate as many obstacles as possible and elaborate a plan of action to minimize waste and maximize efficiency all along the product's life-cycle.

Concept design

Coming up with innovative ideas around the users

We always start by doing design research and field observation; engaging with the users allow us to conceptualize with a well-informed mindset.

We spend weeks sketching ideas, making preliminary hand-made and 3d-printed mockups, lots of CAD renderings to get a good feel of how the ideas could transcribe into real products & experiences.

Then, we brainstorm about it all together and decide on what to do next.

Design development

Ensuring all the elements perform as well as intended

The technical stuff: we're addicted to it!
This is where we explore all possible variations considering functionality, aesthetics, culture, society & demographics, ergonomics & usability, sustainability, materials & manufacturability, costs, distribution & sales, competition & marketing... with common sense.

It usually involves extensive prototyping, CAD & digital simulations, engineering & FEA, DFM/DFA/DTC, and consulting with many external sources.


Testing and validating the previous steps

Prototyping must be done every time a form, material, mechanism or solution to a problem needs testing and validation. We prepare what's needed and select the material & process, provide sourcing & liaison, assembly, quality assurance and testing/documenting.

Processes can vary from hand-made & laser-cut parts to rapid prototyping (FDM, SLS, DMLS, SLA, LOM & inkjet) to CNC machining and RTV vacuum casting.

This phase often leads to changes in the product design in order to feel & look better, be more sustainable and eco-friendly, more efficient and less costly.

Manufacture Sourcing

Bringing it out to the world

We partner and collaborate with hundreds of manufacturers, artisans and vendors around the world to provide almost any material or manufacturing/assembly process.

The most common ones for plastics and rubbers are: injection, blow & compression molding, RIM, rotational & dip molding, extrusion & vacuum forming.
For metals: pressure die casting, sand casting, investment casting, stamping/punching & deep drawing, spinning, tube bending, hydro-forming, extrusion, cold forming, forging and laser/water-jet cutting.
For Glass/crystal: Casting/pressing and blow-molding.
Ceramics: pressure/isostatic & slip casting.

We usually only deal with low-volume production runs (1 to 10,000 units).

product design is not only about making beautiful objects.

it’s about analyzing situations, understanding user behaviors, and crafting comprehensive solutions in order to bring functional new products to life within a defined context.


We collaborate closely with an international network of trusted designers, engineers, manufacturers, vendors and other outsourcing partners based on project and client requirements.

Who we are?

"We" refers to the international team working on our projects at various stages.

Tallal Product Development is run by Sofian Tallal - a multicultural product designer & global development consultant.

Sofian is a very aware and social person. He travels the world meeting new people and helping others create products, spaces and experiences for a living.

Having an extensive international interdisciplinary background in product design, technical development, strategy and manufacture allows him to get profoundly involved in each phase of the entire process, while ensuring overall project integrity and a seamless translation of design data into effective business intent.

Who we work for?

Entrepreneurs, start-ups, SME's, consultancies, manufacturers... and any positive-minded person!

Our clients range from first-time entrepreneurs, product design professionals and start-ups, to SME's including design studios and consultancies, to manufactures and global corporations.

We help our clients create low-volume and mass-produced products in various markets including consumer goods, furniture and lighting, kitchen & tableware, sanitaryware, retail & exhibit, luxury & fashion, transportation, interior & outdoor/public products...among others!

If this is your first time creating a product, we’ll be glad to help you get familiar with what’s coming ahead. Don’t hesitate to get in touch with us!


We work on projects anywhere in the world. Our offices are located in Lyon-France.

We adapt our approach to each project based on business & cultural context, initial market and available resources. We’re often involved in creating cross-cultural products in developing countries and frequently travel according to project and manufacturing needs.

Bringing a new product to the world is a complex and resource-intensive process.

At TPD we create our own products too, this is why we understand our client’s need to reduce costs, take reasonable risks, anticipate problems and maximize overall process efficiency - without compromising on the quality of innovation.

More about Sofian:

Sofian Tallal is a young French-Jordanian creator with a multi-disciplinary entrepreneur mind-set. He likes to travel and experience the unexpected, to analyze, invent, design and build, always connecting with the captivating elements in his surroundings - or at least the ones that make sense.

His joyful dynamic and artistic insight combined with technical experience, manufacturing knowledge and tactical managerial sense enable Sofian to efficiently translate research-driven ideas into tangible products and services. He has a deep understanding of and hands-on experience in every step of the product design and development process, being involved in strategy and planning, research and design as well as prototyping and manufacture.

Working mostly as an in-house or independent consultant, Sofian has had the opportunity to develop a large variety of products and systems in various industries. He has worked with businesses and consultancies in Europe, North America, the Middle East, India, China and Southeast Asia, including international and regional names like P&G, GM, Tata, Nuqul, KADDB and Sayegh Group.

Sofian inherited many of his passions from his family's deep-rooted engineering and building practices. As a child, he collected tools and scrap parts and his curiosity of how things work had him dismantle every object he could get his hands on to determine how it's made. He built workshops to produce his inventions and as a teenager started making business from his talents by repairing electric appliances, creating jewelry and decorative objects, building electromechanical robots, carpentry and furniture, and later provided software development, multimedia compositing, 3D animation and rendering services. This early initiation provided him with a solid base in problem-solving and commerce as well as manufacturing and materials processing knowledge.

Growing up in diverse surroundings between Europe and the Middle East made him aware of cultural and socio-economic differences and strengthened his abilities in observing things and understanding people, analyzing problems and bringing practical and functional solutions to them.

After obtaining his transportation design degree in France and expanding his experience in the automotive and consumer product industry in Asia, he pursued his passions for travel and design by combining both and utilizing one's advantages to feed the other; disruptive change and cultural exchange as a constant source of positive inspiration.

Aside from travelling, in his free time Sofian designs and builds products from recycled objects. He designs jewelry and functional modular/mechanical innovations, and is continuously working on sustainable methods to design energy-scavenging systems.

Some of our trusted partners and clients:


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