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Hydrao Loop

HYDRAO Loop smart shower range combines advanced Smart & Blue technology innovation with French luxury design chic to bring smart-shower capabilities to the most stylish, modern bathrooms. The HYDRAO Loop range comprises a wall-mountable smart rain shower and a hand shower. They’re designed to increase awareness of water consumption and encourage users to save water, energy and money.

All HYDRAO showers produce a soft, bright light that changes color to indicate water usage in real time, and gently encourage reduced consumption. They are water powered by an innovative micro-hydro turbine – no battery required and are connected by Bluetooth. Combined with the HYDRAO smart shower app, HYDRAO is an enjoyable, intuitive way to let users monitor and reduce water usage over time, and review the positive impact of their efforts – in terms of water, energy and money savings.

All HYDRAO shower solutions are designed to encourage users to lower their water usage. By reducing the average shower by 25% – from 80L (approx. 21 gal.) to 60L (approx. 16 gal.) – HYDRAO can make a real impact on our planet’s water conservation. Not to mention the reduction in energy needed to heat that water.

HYDRAO Loop is a winner in the CES Innovation Awards 2017 Smart Home category