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Passport Spicebox

The Challenge:
To create unique travel-inspired spice dispensers for the brands’ cultural collection of kitchen utensils & tools.

The Process:
Deep research into the spice container world, prototyping and testing of various shapes, materials, dimensions and closing mechanisms. Engineering/DFM/DFA and design-to-cost as well as manufacture sourcing.

The Solution:
The Spiceports are spice dispensers in the shape of (thicker) passports! They can be stored vertically, horizontally or on top of each other. The 4 sides are see-through, the entire product can be written on with a marker, there’s an adjustable pouring slider for better control, and the product can be refilled very easily by opening it up like a…passport!

  • Date: 05/01/2014
  • Client: Melting Pots