The main principle of the M-Please-V is transportation; comfortable seating, a steering-wheel and pedals are all we really need to go anywhere, anytime. This simplistic vehicle, designed to expose passengers to their environment as much as possible, is devoid of excessive electronics and accessories, can comfortably transport up to nine passengers cheaply and easily, and can also be used as a utility vehicle.

Accessing the cabin of this vehicle is made simple by employing lightweight metal bars instead of doors. These manually removable bars, which do not require mechanical or electrical systems to operate, protect the cabin while maximizing passengers’ exposure to the outside environment.This nomadic vehicle, designed for adventure, prefers non-inclement environments, but if you don’t mind getting wet, neither does the M-Please-V; the easily washable interior of this versatile vehicle is water, sand, dirt and heat resistant.

For even greater flexibility, the cabin of the M-Please-V is totally modular. The retractable seats and driving-commands console are mounted on rails and rotate, allowing for various driving and seating positions and customization storage/usage space. The environmentally friendly M-Please-V is motorized by four in-wheel dynamic damping motor drive systems, powered by batteries situated under the cabin floor. This configuration provides extra cabin space. Easy and inexpensive to manufacture, maintain, modify, and upgrade, the M-Please-V represents efficient, economic transportation in its most uncomplicated form, easily accessible to clientele in developing as well as developed countries

The M-Please-V is a more kitten-than-a-cat interpretation of Peugeot’s “feline” philosophy, and, like me, young, optimistic, positive, and ready to discover the world.

  • Date: 06/01/2006
  • Client: Peugeot contest 2006