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Arabic Coffee Pot

The Challenge:
More often than not, making Arabic (or Turkish) coffee also means turning your stove top into a mess afterwards. But the coffee is so good we decided to update one of our region’s most beloved utensils – the Arabic coffee pot – to incorporate overflow and spill prevention, even-heat distribution, improved ergonomics and the ability for mass production in various sizes.

The Process: 
We deepened our understanding of Arabic coffee culture by analyzing regional markets and industries, conducting focus groups and leach testing of pots, researching different manufacturing technologies, ebullition science and potential materials. After designing in multiple directions, we prototyped various materials and shapes to ensure the best functionality, potential for refinement and specifications for mass production.

The Solution:
Our modern take on an old favorite won’t tip over and is made from FDA-approved metal and flexible rubber, making it safe, strong and durable. Its contour minimizes the risk of overflow while the comfortable ergonomic handle is suitable for right/left-handed usage. It’s dishwasher safe, can be hung when not in use, has a drip-less spout, and dedicated space for a spoon.

  • Date: 0101/2009
  • Client: Sayegh Group