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Hydrao Drop

For people looking to add smart-shower water saving capabilities to an existing shower, Smart & Blue has developed the HYDRAO Drop smart shower light. Simple to install, HYDRAO Drop has a flexible arm that can be positioned to illuminate any shower surface or water jet for a personalized smart shower experience.

HYDRAO Drop benefits from a new miniaturized version of Smart & Blue’s patented smart shower technology, allowing users to benefit from an ultra-sleek, streamlined design, with no compromise to HYDRAO’s unique water conservation guidance. Also new is the ability to allow individual users to monitor their own personal usage and savings – on either one or multiple HYDRAO smart showers.

HYDRAO Drop is a LED-illuminated Shower device that connects to any shower-head and brings color and enjoyment to the shower, while educating users on their water usage. The colors change during a shower in line with the user’s water consumption: up to 10 liters (approx. 2½ gallons) = green light; up to 20L (5¼ gal.) = blue; up to 30L (8 gal.) = purple; up to 40L (10½ gal.) = red; and beyond 40L (10½ gal.) the lights flash red. The colors can be personalized using the HYDRAO app via Bluetooth to any Android or iOS smartphone or tablet.

All HYDRAO shower solutions are designed to encourage users to lower their water usage. By reducing the average shower by 25% – from 80L (approx. 21 gal.) to 60L (approx. 16 gal.) – HYDRAO can make a real impact on our planet’s water conservation. Not to mention the reduction in energy needed to heat that water.

HYDRAO Loop is a winner in the CES Innovation Awards 2017 Tech for a better world.