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Cultural Silicone Cake Moulds

The exquisite Hamsa mold not only brings ancient symbology into your modern kitchen, but also an emblem that’s been used for thousands of years in different lands by different peoples to ward the bad and keep the good. This might just be as multicultural as cake molds gets!

The Arabesque mold will help put you in rhythm with Mother Nature. This melodic geometric design is perfect for celebrations and all-out occasions alike. Try the large mold to impress a crowd, or treat your special guests to a blossoming sweet treat from our small mold.

Let there be no doubt cast upon your sentiment with this mold of love. The Hob brings together the contemporary and the romantic, when you want flour, butter and sugar to speak for your affection. The perfect way to share the love.

There are countless ways to wish your loved ones Eid Saeed, which is fitting, since there are countless recipes to fill this stunning mold! So spread the love and cheer of the Holidays with this innovative and versatile silicone cake mold.

  • Date: 10/012012
  • Client: Melting Pots