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Outdoor Coffee Cart

Research, design & development of a themed mobile outdoor coffee-cart for a Middle Eastern restaurant chain. The cart’s design optimizes workflow, maximizes storage, increases safety/security while keeping overall weight at a minimum.

The Challenge:
Bringing the brand’s unique i-beam visual identity to the mobile cart, while reducing weight and improving workflow.

The solution:
We arranged the position of each element according to the most optimum ergonomic workflow to improve both customer and Barista experience. We integrated a digital & interactive menu to provide information and feedback to the customers prior to ordering, and developed the canopy to act as a projector and provide information and entertainment content. We created a custom sand-cast metal structure that simultaneously supports the entire cart + folding canopy, while giving the cart a unique and easily recognizable visual look. The overall weight was also reduced by simplifying the internal structure and adding invisible castors at the bottom of the cart for extra support.

Security & transport weren’t left out: we integrated a closing mechanism that slides out from beneath the cart and attaches to the folding canopy to provide a metal shield against vandalism and theft. The cart was also designed to be dismantled and transported in containers.

  • Date: 10/01/2008