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Royal Podium

The Challenge:
To transform His Majesty King Abdullah’s outdated lecture podium into a more contemporary one. The new podium had to be completely customization, easily transportable, fully equipped with the latest communication, safety and security technology and adjustable to also suit Her Majesty Queen Rania’s ergonomic needs as well as those of other officials.

The Process:
By researching global ergonomic designs, usage and function, styles, materials, safety, security and common problems and issues with podiums worldwide, we were able to quickly move into elaborating on the design brief. Based on our textual and visual research we designed multiple concepts, after which we focused on fine tuning one final style that included all equipment requirements and specifications for manufacture. The development of his Majesty’s podium was done in close collaboration with the King’s Design & Development Bureau.

The Solution:
This fully adjustable custom designed podium, hand crafted from wood and metal, is tailor-made to His Majesty’s reading and standing ergonomic requirements. Its modular assembly allows for easy transport and includes safety and emergency communication devices, electric height adjustment, integrated wireless and wired speaker systems, a touch screen tablet, integrated reading light, storage pockets and cup holders.

  • Date: 11/01/2008
  • Client: KADDB